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At GOLFLETICA®, we take pride in sharing our experience and knowledge with other healthcare and fitness professionals. Being successful and effective working with golfers does not depend on what certifications you may or may not have. It is all about how you integrate your knowledge and skills to make that game and life changing difference.

Throughout the year, we offer various Mentorship Programs and Seminars to help educate those who want to learn how to improve their treatment and training skills with golfers.

Dr. Sese has several years of experience working with PGA Tour players, mini-tour players, local professional golf instructors and amateur golfers of all ages. He has successfully establish a clinic and performance center that has helped many golfers with their injuries, rehabilitation and performance and conditioning His wife, Shawn is the Director of Conditioning at the clinic and has experience as a former college golfer, current mid-amateur competitor, and golf performance conditioning specialist. 

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